Today we stopped into Mason’s school to take care of some administrative work and we realized we’ll be in for a big adjustment after having a summer full of adventures!   So when we got home we  decided to talk about our annual “Back to School” Party. We through a party each year on the day before his  “First Day” to celebrate the excitement and milestone.   Last year he requested a Christmas Dinner Theme. This year he wants a BBQ with a banner that says “Hip Hip Hooray School is on the Way.”

We’ll be planning a few more surprises and personal touches to embrace the change and excitement. I’m thrilled he is excited (shy/nervous is among those feelings as well)He has the right idea with the banner, so we thought it would be a great addition in our Back to School Freebie section.

Feel free to use the banner for your back to school celebrations or if you have your own classroom I’m sure it would be a cute addition!  Download files here

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